Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday to Jordan Robles!

Today little Jordan Robles turned 6 years old. Jordan made a real impression on me in 2010. As some may know, I was the head judge at all of the Razor Exposed Tour stops. It was a great experience, but I can only imagine how the experience was for then, 5 year old, Jordan Robles.

Jordan traveled from state to state to the Razor Exposed Tour Competitions, and each time he got better, and as much as I want to say he lost more fear everytime he touched the course...I honestly don't really think he had any fear to begin with. Jordan was such an inspiration to watch out there with all the other riders that more than often, towered over him. If he was intimidated at all, you wouldn't know it. He was dropping in on 8ft quarters, and hitting as many gaps as he could, with a smile that seemed to be painted permanently onto his face. It was really awesome to witness.

Today the spotlight is all on Jordan, for his 6th birthday. I would also like to shout out to his Mom and Dad who are so supportive of what Jordan does. It is not everyday you find two parents who support their son at only 5 years old, enough to travel with him to contests in different states. When Jordan is older, I'm sure he too, will realize how amazing they have been. Also to Kotasports, and Dakota Schuetz. Jordan really looks up to Dakota, and whenever he is out on the course riding, you can usually see him trailing after Dakota the best he can. Dakota can also be seen taking every opportunity to help Jordan out with his riding, and I think that says a lot about him.

So Jordan, from Inside-Scooters, I just wanted to say

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Untitled from Ocho on Vimeo.


  1. ya jordan! happy birthday dude! see you at clairemont

  2. Happy B Day Jordan, your awesome!!! See ya today at Claremont for your party.

  3. this kid is very good for his age.happy birthday to Jordan.<3

  4. happy jordan keep shredding dud

  5. Happy Birthday little shredder. Today your learning the tail whip at your party. You've done a great job for Kota Sports.

  6. Happy Birthday Jordan! Keep killing it in the park!


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