Monday, January 24, 2011

10x10 with Chris GascoignexJake Clark

Hello Readers of Inside-Scooters!
As you know, my name is Chris Gascoigne and i have been thinking of ways to get you, the readers, more involved here on IS. So i have come up with the 10x10. Whats the 10x10 you ask? Well its very simple.. Every now and then, i seek out a handful of rider to ask me 10 questions, and in return I ask them 10 questions. Scooter related topics and not, it all goes.

Chris' Questions
C: How old are you? J: 15 years Old

C: What drives you to pack so many barspins into a combo?! J: Ha idk i just really like to do barspin combos for some reason.

C: How do you feel about your current sponsors? J: I really love phoenix they have done alot for me with parts and everything I really love phoenix parts.

C: Favorite TV show? J: "Everybody hates Chris" or "South park"

C: 100 or 110? J: 110

C: Transit 1 or Transit 2? J: I guess transit 2 cause its newer

C: Do you have any nick names? J: well not really just a couple people call me Barspin

C: Are you attending woodward in feb? J: Im trying to im saving up

C: Favorite rider? J: Hayden O' connor, Rwilly and Tyler Bonner

C: Any goals/plans for 2011? J: I wanna travel go to more comps and get some new tricks like frontflips.

Jake's Questions
J: When did you get the nickname "superman"? C: I can't really say when.. I guess its been so as long as i can remember.

J: What is your favorite skatepark? C: Hunt Park in Riverside, Ca.

J: If you had one last day to live what would you do? C: I would spend time with family and close friends.. and Ride.

J: if you didnt scooter what do you think you would be doing right now? C: I would be riding bikes or dead in a ditch, you take you pick, haha!

J: How do you like working with Inside scooters? C: I love it, talking to and meeting great riders and friends its a blast!

J: How many wheels have you broken/dehubed? C: Ahh too many to count. i have ovalized more eagles than anything tho.

J: Would you rather ride park or street? C: I love flowing park, but it all depends on the spot and park.

J: what trick are you currently working on? C: Frontflip Superman

J: Are there any upcoming plans for phoenix? C: Yes, lots. Keep an eye out for some awesmoe stuff to come!

J: How will scootering make X Games or Dew Tour? C: The only way scooters have a shot, Is if the scene develops more, The sport needs to be marketable to enable it to have any financial backing from any big name companies.

Thank you Jake for answering and asking questions with me! We'll have another 10x10 next week so stay tuned to Inside-Scooters, The best and original Scooter News Network!

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