Friday, January 28, 2011

Jon Knudtson Joins Zero Gravity

Jon Knudtson has been riding for a while, but never really started to burst out onto the scene until last year. He released a video recently, which showcased a side of his riding that not too many people had seen before, his street stuff. What can I say, it really speaks for itself. I recently had the chance to catch up with Jon after he was picked up by Zero Gravity, check the interview below, and the video below that.

Name, Age, and Location please.

My name is Jon Knudtson. I'm twenty years old and I live in Wenham, Massachusetts.

What got you into riding, and how many years you been riding?

I started riding scooters because my older brother was a skateboarder and I thought that I could never be as good as him. I got a scooter for my 12th birthday from my parents. That was nearly 9 years ago and I have never once regretted my decision. Today I ride scooters because nothing brings me greater joy than just going out and having a flat session and trying to invent new tricks that I haven't seen people do.

Why did you feel that Zero Gravity was the company for you?

As a Christian, it was important for me to be able to use my talents to glorify God. It's very cool that there is a scooter company like Zero Gravity that not only produces top of the line products, but also strives to be good role models for riders and companies alike.

What do you expect to change for you, now that you're on Zero Gravity?

I'm really excited that I found a company that will support me in my riding and that I can represent well. I've never had a sponsor before and I'm just really grateful to Todd at Zero Gravity for giving me an opportunity to prove myself in the professional world.

What can we expect from Jon Knudtson in the near future?

I hope to start filming a lot more than I have been recently. It's really hard to get good footage when the ground is covered in two feet of snow. Hopefully I'll be able to film lots of street footage once the snow starts melting.


  1. I will be releasing a video of Jon Knudtson and a couple of Wisconsin unknown Locals within the next 2 months get syked..
    Matt Rittler

  2. keep ridin for Christ, Jon! youre a shredder!

  3. such good stair tricks

  4. sorry if i sound ignorant, but how do scooters glorify god?


  5. Thats great to have a rider with real integrity

  6. This guy shreds, stoked to be on the same team with him

  7. God dammit I want more footage of this guy.

  8. i like this guy.when it comes to park he seems chill.but hes crazy when it comes to street!

  9. Alexander EspinozaJanuary 29, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    Not having Jon ride for a company is like feeding a baby tobasco sauce, it's just wrong.


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