Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Time Scootering Contest Tour Stop #1 Results

The Tour recently had it's first stop, and it looks like it was a really awesome contest. The little shredder who goes by the name of Jara Mini Soukup, who has had quite a few videos featured here on IS, looked to be representing Blunt Pro Scooters, and was simply destroyinggg. Also as always Martin Nogol of Gizmania, District, and Eagle-Sport was riding amazing. For the Finals Results check below.


1. Jan Dunovský
2. Richard Zelinka
3. David Pink
4. Vojtěch Škareda
5. Roland Rabatin
6. - 7. Filip Schwarzkopf
6. - 7. Peter Šimo
8. - 9. Juro Jamrich
8. - 9. Pavel Sítek
10. Štěpán Procházka

1. Matěj Svojtka
2. Jára Smažil
3. Michal Faldýn
4. Michal Krmášek
5. Ondra Svačina
6. Pavel Mareš


1. Jára Mini Soukup
2. Johan Walzel
3. Petr Macháček
4. Martin Nogol
5. Daniel Baudyš
6. Michal Tesař
7. Jiří Drábek

BEST TRICK (by agreement of Judges)
Richard Zelinka -15 AM
Matěj Svojtka 15+ AM
Jára Mini Soukup PRO

For the full detailed results please check the following link Full Results

Some pictures from the contest

For more pictures click the following Link More Pictures

And of course a video featuring some great riding from everyone who participated in the contest. A longer video will be available here on Inside-Scooters soon that will be a bit more like a documentary, instead of just straight up riding. Look out for that soon.


  1. That kid is a beast.

  2. Looked like a great competition

  3. great filming, great editing, great riding, looked like it was such a sick time

  4. who the hell is that little kid hes murdering it o my god

  5. what ever happened to style?

  6. nicest frontflips ever

  7. who is that kid throwin frontie whips?


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