Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justin Robertson and Friends in Cali

J Rob, Dan Holm, Billy Evers, and Collin DaSilva were all in town for the recent SD competition and this is the footage the guys were able to stack in the time there in Cali. I was able to finally meet Justin Robertson at SD, and the dude isn't just ridiculously talented on a scooter, but he's a really chill dude. Collin unfortunately used his nuts to snap his wrist as you can see in the clip towards the beginning. Billy didn't stack as much cause he had to get back on the East Coast for school. And Dan had a sprained thumb, but still got some clips, and is still in my opinion one of the best riders in the sport right now. Check the footage.

Film/Edit - Nick Dargerrrrrrrrrrrr


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