Monday, August 19, 2013

"Industry" Section on TheRideWire

Hey whaddup! The guys over at just added a new "Industry" section that now houses the "Marketplace" (buy/sell/trade) and also features the new "Manufacturer" and "Retailer" section. 

Manufacturer - Come here to post any news or updates about the brands you know and love. (Brands are welcome to create threads and engage as well)

Retailer - Talk about the retailers in our industry. Who has great customer service.. who doesn't? New hot deals or promo codes? Post it up and help a brutha out. (Retailers are welcomed to post as well!) 

Marketplace - Come here to post up stuff you have for sale or trade and even request stuff!

Chris Gascoigne over at RW had this to say - "I'm super stoked on this new section of the Ride Wire. The Retailer section will allow riders to talk about their experiences and help guide other riders to the right places to buy scooter gear. Both the Manufacturer and Retailer section will also serve as a place for Brands to come and engage with everyone and provide direct updates. Super stoked.. go use it!"

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