Thursday, November 27, 2014

Flipside Ridehouse Product Updates and Sales

Flipside hit us with an update for all of you guys, with some new products, and some solid looking sales for the Holidays. Check out their post below.

"Flipside is pleased to announce the arrival of the all new 2015 Envy and Fasen completes...all models and colors are currently in stock.  The Colt is the new entry level complete from Envy and it's loaded with features for the killer price of $159.99. The Prodigy has been upgraded with a new fork and wheels with a price of $209.99.  In our opinion, the true standouts are the Envy KOS and Fasen Raven which are now easily the best values in the industry...KOS is $269.99...Raven $259.99.  The KOS also has 120MM wheels!  Envy Colt and Prodigy completes weigh in at an incredibly light 7.5 lbs, KOS is 8.1 lbs and the Raven is a crazy, feather light 7.0 lbs.  One other thing...the Prodigy, KOS and Raven are all 125MM wheel compatible (The Colt is as well but will require a new brake).  
No need to wait until Friday...Flipside's "Black November" sale starts now and ends Monday December 1st at midnight!!  2015 Envy and Fasen completes will be 10% off...price will be marked down on the website.  But...EVERYTHING else in the store will be 20% off...EVERYTHING!!  ALL 2014 completes, ALL decks, ALL bars, ALL components, ALL brands...even EVERYTHING in the Bargain Basement!!  Plus free shipping on all completes and all PROTO and River wheels...Continental U.S. shipments only.  Use coupon code BLKNOV2014 at check out.  Good while current supplies last.

*We still have a decent selection of USA made Phoenix parts which are getting harder and harder to find.  Look on the site for the items with -USA.
Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

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