Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flavor Awakening Deck Review by Gryndo Scooters

Casey DeHaven of Gryndo Scooters recently got his hands on the Flavor Awakening Deck, and he made a review for Gryndo. Check it out below.

I’ve been an avid supporter of Kevin Demay and his scooter deck designs ever since his original Ethic and Addict parts were released. I’ve always loved the way Kevin designs his parts, and the heart he puts into it. It seems like every deck he designs builds off the last. The Addict deck definitely had a couple of problems - no flat bottom, no flat sides, was a little weak; and the brake system was cool but also odd. The Ethic deck built off the Addict: fixing the brake issue, becoming more solid while maintaining the lightweight feel, and also incorporating some cool new graphics and designs. Now Kevin Demay has developed the Flavor Awakening Deck, which I believe is the essence of perfection from Mr. Demay.
Flavor Awakening Scooter Deck Raw
Flavor Awakening Deck Specs: 21.25"/20.5" x 4.5", Integrated, Flat Sides, Flat Bottom, Flex Fender Brake
Price: $149.99
Color Options: Black, Blue, Raw
Everything about the Flavor Awakening scooter deck is perfect (and even more so in the V2 model, which solves some of the strength issues the original had). It is lightweight while feeling supremely solid. It has a flat bottom, flat sides, integrated headtube, super sleek design, awesome graphics, noseblunt plate, and a killer brake system that is easy to dial.
Overall I'd say the Awakening deck will work for any type of rider. If you’re a bit shorter get the 20.5" long deck. Like bigger decks or are a bit taller? Get the 21.25" and you’re set. This Flavor deck has it all, whether you're a park rider, a street rider, or just a mellow rider. It looks good, rides good, and feels good. To me that sounds pretty rad, and I’m loving every moment I spend riding this bad boy. The Awakening V2 Deck from Flavor - check it out now!
- Casey

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