Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sadly I haven't even been able to sit down and watch this yet.  But, judging from reactions from people who have, and based on past videos from the Estonian crew who made this video, it is amazing.  Madis Kukk, Mikael Parman, Harley Harin, and Arco Aria have full parts, each with their own super awesome, unique style.  Get comfortable, grab a snack, and truly enjoy this one.

Edit:  After finally being able to watch the whole thing, I'm super psyched on it.  Everyone did some of the coolest tricks ever, both serious and non-serious.  Mikael's feeble combo to end all feeble combos, Madis's noseblunt hop in (if he had taken a foot off!), the list goes on.  Fantastic filming and editing too.  Super props to Madis for getting a harness and climbing a damn tree to get the angle on Mikael's ender.  That's dedication.

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