Friday, October 25, 2013

SDG to handle Phoenix Distribution in Europe

From here on out if you're in Europe and you want to rep Phoenix products, it's going to be a lot easier. This press release was released earlier this month. Check it out.



SDG Distribution to handle Phoenix Scooters in Europe


                                                                        Date: 10/17/2013


Beaverton, Oregon – Phoenix Sports, Inc. proudly announces a new partnership with the European distributor SDG. SDG will be handling sales of Phoenix Pro Scooters in ALL European countries from their warehouse in France.


With the SESSION by Phoenix brand available to the public in December, SDG anticipates a strong holiday sales season and is ready to service its hundreds of established customers throughout Europe.


“As we strive to push industry standards and make the highest quality scooters on the planet, there is no better partner in Europe than SDG.” Said Tom Floyd, founder of Phoenix Pro Scooters.  “We are looking forward to the future and felt it was imperative to offer the same level of professional sales and service that we offer here in the United States.” Floyd added.


SDG has been extremely dedicated to the sport of Freestyle Scootering and was responsible this year for creating a presence at Europe’s largest freestyle event called FISE. Years before, FISE had only welcomed BMX, Skateboarding, Wake boarding, and several other sports. SDG went out of their way so scootering could be present in a large scale event.


“We are so happy and proud to now supply PHOENIX in Europe. If i had only 3 words to talk about Phoenix, they will be : solidity, USA and street.  It is very interesting for us to develop a true brand in Europe with values, history and expertise. Moreover, the image of Phoenix is in harmony with the european spirit. Thats why, we are so happy to be in charge of Phoenix.” Commented Arnaud Le Luhern, SDG’s Marketing Manager.

“The rider’s community respect this brand and its crazy team! They can shred anything and always with style.  I know the main goal of PHOENIX is to make some strong parts and, along with the know-how of the company,  this is the most important for us. The mix between the Session line and the Reventon will be a great asset and value for the consumer. Can’t wait to start!” he added.


Together SDG and Phoenix will continue to push industry standards, continue to supply high end scooters and maintain excellent customer service.


Dan Barrett has this to say about the partnership between SDG and Phoenix: “Europe is one of my favorite places to ride, film and chill. In the past when I was at the street jams and contests it seemed like everybody knew about Phoenix, wanted Phoenix, but couldn’t afford it. With our new SESSION by Phoenix brand coming out and this new partnership with SDG, I'm more than stoked that people can experience riding parts that we put so much work into with designing and testing.”


For more information, please contact Phoenix Scooters or SDG Distribution at:



Tom Floyd




Phoenix Sports Inc. • 9950 SW Arctic Dr. Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA •

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