Sunday, November 18, 2012

Phoenix Pro Scooters: Woodward West Fall 2012

Phoenix Pro rider Josh Toy, put this edit together of footage from the Phoenix Team at Woodward West. Really liked the edit, and it has Capron Funk's double front flip which was really cool to see. Needed more dirt footage though, seemed like only Josh was getting down, gotta stick Dan or Jon on there and see what's up haha. Check it out below.


  1. Great Edit! What a sick place to ride!

  2. capron crying after the double was inspirational, being so happy from landing a trick is just great, big ups to him

  3. So much tech, Dan barret needs to work for geek squad.

  4. Dan getting a switch nose manny in along with his regular? Jon is an absolute balance nut. And Josh shredding the dirt jumps. Epic video with great editing, keep up the awesome work Pheonix!

    - Andy B.


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