Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Battle of the Best: Razor Global Domination Tour Stop #2

The Razor Global Domination Tour makes it's second stop in New Hampshire on Saturday. This stop is going to be one of the most exciting we will see throughout the whole tour, and for quite a few reasons. We are going to get to see some of the best riders in the world competing against one another on Saturday. The competition scene has been heating up in our sport in the past two years, and people are really starting to get an idea of who the best competition riders really are.

Without a doubt, all eyes are on Dakota Schuetz. He has proven time and time again, that he is a machine, and I mean that quite literally. Since the Razor Exposed Tour in 2010, Dakota has made it his mission to prove any doubters wrong, and he does it
in incredible fashion. It really doesn’t matter what you think of him, you have got to respect what he does on his scooter at every contest. To this day I have never seen such a heated one on one battle than I witnessed at the Final Stop of the Razor Exposed Tour between Dakota and Tyler Bonner. When Dakota is riding you can clearly see that he fully understands what it means to be a professional rider. Countless hours of practice are but a few of the things that has gotten Dakota where he is in the sport today.

Coming up in the ranks ever since he started riding competitions, is young Cameron
Ward. Cameron dominated the amateur ranks for as long as anyone can remember. When he made the move to Pro, a lot of people including myself, were interested to see how he would hold up. All you gotta do is check his competition results to realize that Cameron has had no problem moving on to Pro. One of the things Cam has going for him is his effortless style, and consistency. When he is out there, it is really hard to comprehend how hard the tricks are that he’s doing, mainly because he makes them look so easy. With Cameron recently learning backflips, it opens up a whole new door of tricks for this kid.

Then there is Tyler Bonner. Known throughout the world as the best rider we’ve ever seen. I will never question how good Tyler is, because I’ve seen him ride first hand on numerous occasion, not to mention being present for each stop of the Razor Exposed Tour, where he took 1st overall. When Tyler turns it on, there is no beating him, it just won’t happen. Though some of us have also seen Tyler on “off days” which when you are going up against guys like Dakota, Cameron, or Raymond Warner..just won’t cut it. While some would say he has been struggling lately, I have to disagree. It is just that the level of competition is rising, and rest assure that Tyler is going to rise with it, if not above it.

However, Rye Airfield, where the contest will be held is surely not a park that west
coast riders have had the opportunity to ride that much. But some riders are lucky enough to call Rye their local. One of those riders is Dan Holm. To anyone who has seen Dan Holm videos, you are well aware of how he kills that place three times over. I don’t put many park riders above Dan. He has a flow like you’ve never seen, and knows that park like the back of his hand. What I am wondering though is if he has the tricks to keep up with some of the other top riders that will be in the contest.

Finally you got two guys who seem to either finish 1st or 2nd in almost every contest they enter, especially if it’s on the East Coast. Which I guess isn’t hard when your names happen to be Dan Barrett and Jon Reyes.

These guys are two of the best riders in the sport today, and while they are known for their tech riding, have been shutting down contests for a while now. On the East Coast there is already a buzz about Dan and Jon going up against Dakota in the competition. I know for a fact that I will be paying close attention to both of them. They both have a distinct style when they ride, and they implement that into their contest runs, which is always a pleasure to witness.

Will they be able to keep the top 3 finishes streak going? Or are they about to come up short to some of the West Coast’s best? We gotta wait until Saturday for those answers. You will be able to find out all of this, on Saturday the day of the competition, right here on Inside-Scooters.


  1. my god best article ever written bro! im atill in awe and im competing in that event but still ive been wondering all those same points we'll see how it goes!

  2. Great article dude, cant wait for tomorroe!

  3. I'm the announcer :D

  4. wheere else will they be going?

  5. I think there are gonna be some sleepers in this comp

  6. Gus Rymer Got 3rd in pro. Didn't hear his name in the article. good job Gus

  7. Dakota Schuetz 1st
    Raymond Warner 2nd
    Gus Raymer 3rd


  9. Bonner is to busy partying with MGP and throwing his career away

  10. Intermediate Tommy Christiana 1st
    Kiara Meade 2nd
    ? ? 3rde

  11. Actually, Bonner wasnt at the contest because it was a Razor sponsored contest and he lives on the other side of tbe country. Just saying.

  12. Cam ward was there but did not compete as he had a cast on is right arm. He was still riding on Friday and throwing down some great tricks with his cast on!!!


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