Friday, September 16, 2011

Sky High Chicago Street Jam Video

Last Saturday a street jam was held in Chicago, Illinois.  Until recently Chicago hasn't really been known as a major hub for street riding, or scooter riding in general, but over the past few months that has been changing.  Riders like Dylan Kasson, Josh Young, Hep Greg, Elmer Ferrieras, Tom Kvilhaug, and more have made the long drive/flight to the Midwest to ride some of the best street around.   So it seemed like a great idea when the idea of a street jam came up.  Lucky Scooters was generous enough to fly Tyler Wheeland and Stefan Hefner down to stay with Tommy Daddono for the jam.  Also in attendance were Zach Johnston and Issac Miller from Iowa (as well as myself), Josh Young, and Dylan Kasson.  The turnout from the local kids was great too.  The day if you couldn't tell from the video went amazingly, and there will definitely be another jam next year.


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