Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dissidence Street JAM V6

So this year the Dissidence jam did face some rain, but they managed to make the best of it finding cover at an indoor spot.  After the tech bangers concluded, they moved out to hit the streets for the big sets, a powerslide contest, and the double kink ender rail, made by Dissidence specifically for the jam. Didine Terchague walked away with the big prize but I think we all know Kenny Griffin was the real winner for that gap to lip.


  1. "We all know Kenny Griffin was the real winner"
    Funny you should say that when you were actually NOT present to see the actual spot, the tricks were thrown down and the way the decision was taken.
    His name is Didine (with an "i" and not an "a" by the way) ;)

    1. Didn't mean to diminish his trick at all, that was definitely insane. But to me, as the only person to hit the gap to rail, I was more impressed by Kenny.

  2. You should think before you writte random stuff man. Didine deserve the win... I was there to prorove it...

  3. What's with the audio


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