Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Brooklyn Banks Jam 07

A Throwback this Thursday to a Jam that ended all too soon. The Brooklyn Banks are one of the most well known spots in the world in action sports. So everyone was stoked when some of the top riders in New York put together the idea of having a Brooklyn Banks Jam. The Jam was a complete success. This is from 2007, and the amount of OGs that made their way to the banks is amazing. I really wish these Jams could have kept happening, I could have easily seen the BB Jam being right up there with the Paris Street Jam. Enjoy this throwback.

Look out for clips from the one and only Stevon Wilson as well. He threw down the Front Bri, and the Tuckerdriver down the set. R.I.P Stevon.

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  1. 0.34: Jerry Walther !! Switzerland power !!


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