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THE TILT VIDEO - Josh Young + Interview

Josh Young, originally from Corunna, Michigan, moved out to Vista, California a couple years ago to work for Proto.  During that timespan he, along with the rest of the Tilt crew, filmed for their full length video called "The Tilt Video".  Tilt premiered the video at SD7 to a full house in January and is now dropping the parts online.  This week Josh's part is being released, so I hit him up to find out a little more about his part and to see what's up.  Check his full section at the end of the interview.

First question: Your part in the long awaited Tilt Video is dropping, how does it feel?

Pretty crazy, I'm just hyped that the whole video is going to be online for everybody to see. Now I can just tell people to go on youtube and type in The Tilt Video and they can see what we're really about

How long did you personally spend filming for it? Do you think overall the video lived up to the hype?

I would say I spent 2 years filming for my part. Pretty much started when I moved to California. Seeing how there wasn't to much promoting the video it was just kind of a lowkey thing like people knew we were filming but no idea to the extent that we were going. Nobody seen any of the video until the premiere so I was looking forward to seeing it just as much as everybody else. I was hyped on it.

Yeah I was gonna say, this is your first part since moving out to cali. What's it like filming out there vs the midwest?

It's super easy because I pretty much have every spot living in southern California but its hard because so and so did this on it or somebody is at the spot or there are to many people to ride it. In the midwest its like OH SHIT A SPOT?! Pretty damn good chance to that nobody has even touched it or thought about filming a clip on it haha.

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each.  You used to be big on being the filmer, I remember when you were such a camera fiend.  And we all know about the tattoo.  But I kinda noticed you took a backseat on filming responsibility during the Tilt Video, why was that?

Being the filmer means your not riding. I out of everybody had I'm guessing the least amount of footage for the video and when your the filmer it's hard to ride the spot. Plus I'm picky about how I'm filmed so if it's going to be filmed bad I'm not even going to try to film a trick. Having responsibilities sucks haha I just want to have fun and ride and not think about anything on trips. But being responsible gets you where you want to be haha

True.  You still are always one of the first ones to be like "yo lets get the camera out" and just taking care of the cameras.  Is this the last VX part we'll ever see out of Josh Young?

Hahaha hell no I got something in the works right now that I'm really hyped on. I've just been trying to have fun and film whatever and not stress as much. But andrew did just give the go ahead to get an xtreme fisheye for the proto hvx so I'm looking forward to filming with that setup!

Fer sure.  HVX/xtreme is a monster setup.  What tricks were you most psyched on in your part?

The first trick in the part is like a warm up trick but I was trying 180 dub whip to fakie out of the manny and I knew I wasn't going to land it so fuxking around I just whipped the bars around without moving my body I felt like. Idk it was stupid bit looks funny to me haha. And the half cab down the dub set. Always wanted to do that. And rincon glad I got that one out of the way haha

Yeah rincon kinda came out of nowhwere for me, that was so gnarly.  One of my favorite clips in the video for sure.

Yea it was like 2 weeks before the deadline and i just was like alright chema lets go to rincon and film a ender haha.

What's that process like for you, filming a super heavy trick like that?

Rub my hands on my pants. Wipe my face with my shirt. Adjust my hat. Wipe hands again then deep breath and send it hahaha it's stupid but if I don't do the extract same thing every time and go from the exact same spot I can't even try to do it haha. It's dumb but true more focus or some shit when stressing while filming something.

Yeah dude, always gotta find that same crack or whatever to start from haha.  So with The Tilt Video, what do you hope kids take away?  What kind of impact do you want it to have on scootering?

I don't really know I just want people to know that if you are serious and you take time and do something right it will turn out good. Have fun and don't copy everybody else. Do what you want to do.

Word.  That should wrap it up, anything else you wanna add?

Thanks to Collin for supporting me the past 5 years. It's been good and only getting better. Also thanks to everybody who came to the premiere in San Diego it was a great night!

And now, scope Josh's section from The Tilt Video-

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  1. those last three clips were sicker than anything i've seen all year. So good


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