Monday, July 21, 2014

MGP Flat Scoot Quarter Final Games 1, 2, and 3

The Quarter Finals are under way, and first up was Chunky vs Tommy Christiana. Definitely two of the best flat riders on the East Coast. But this game was shockingly very one sided.. Check it out below.

Game number 2, was the reigning champion, Jeremy Beau vs Alex Lopez. I was shocked to see Alex try a flat triple heelwhip, you don't see many riders that can flat triple whip, and flat triple heel. It was a close game, but the better rider won, and he is most likely going to the finals.

Game 3 was Jeremy Mallot vs Andy Nguyen. This was one hard to watch, as always, because of the filming. It was a quick game, and with this game ending, it sets up the Semi Finals which you can see at the end of the video.

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