Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bobby Rivas Interview

Bobby Rivas rides for Fuzion, and we recently got an interview with him that you guys can read below. Fuzion has been around for some time, and they've had their ups and downs for sure, but having a rider as talented as Bobby is a definitely plus. Kid blasts gaps all day long. Check out the interview below.

You recently qualified to compete in the ISA world competition, how does that feel?

Feels fantastic! I'm glad I'm able to travel out of the US for riding a scooter, it's the greatest feeling in the world for sure!

How have you seen the sport progress since you started?

From bolted foldys and hot glued plastic core wheels to one piece decks and metal cores, It's crazy! It's amazing how much the sport has progressed over the past 8 years.

Do you have any edits or video parts coming out?

Well Me and Brett just came out with a quick video (Check it out at end of this interview!), planning a big video sometime this year with him and Fuzion!


What trick took you the longest to learn?

Definitely the Cash roll.


What’s that ONE song that get’s you hyped up and ready to ride?

50k by Waka Flocka!

Who in your opinion pushes the envelope in the sport right now, or who are you always watching to see what they are doing in the sport?

Of course Dakota Schuetz and Ryan Williams, its incredible how much they've pushed the sport and progressed lately, it’s unreal.


Fuzion has pretty solid team of riders right now, what is it like traveling and touring with those guys?

It's great! Nothing better than going out and riding with good friends for a few days.

What is your current set up?

Fuzion grips, District al-2 bars, Fuzion triple clamp, Fuzion integrated headset, Envy IHC forks, Z300 spoke wheels and I saved the best for last, the Fuzion Z300 deck, light, strong and durable.


What makes the Z300 different from some of the other brands?

Stands out more than any other deck, the concave on the deck is amazing. It's also light weight and durable, not like most of the other decks out now. The way it Locks and slides is amazing. It has grooved sides so it's great for any finger whip tricks or grabs. The new Z series Scooters coming out this fall will definitely be an eye catching, just wait on it!


 What do you like about Riding for Fuzion?
Everything! They give me the opportunities to travel and much more, it's the greatest thing in the world

And if you guys want to check out Fuzion for yourself, just hit up the link below.

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