Friday, July 18, 2014

Win a Pair of Tilt Blaster Wheels from Gryndo Scooters!

Tilt Blaster Scooter Wheels
Tilt has been providing some of the best quality scooters around for years, they are finally releasing their own line of unparalleled scooter wheels. Taking two and a half years to develop, the Tilt Blaster Wheels boast increased speed, grip, durability and rebound efficiency. What makes the Tilt Blaster Wheels so fantastic? Check out these specs!
  • First American made wheels with 2 layers of urethane
    • 88A durometer (hard) outerlayer of Urethane for durability and increased speed
    • softer inner Urethane layer for increased rebound efficiency
  • An Adaptive Inner Ring (A.I.R.) - increases surface area for better grip and wheel flex
  • Bond Guard Prevents De-Hubbing of Wheels
  • Wide Wheel Protects the Anodized Color Coating
  • 110mm Diameter Blaster Scooter Wheels
Tilt Blaster Scooter Wheels
Want to win a free set of Tilt Blaster Wheels? The winner will be announced on July 31, they will be notified via email. There are two ways to enter!
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