Friday, March 21, 2014

First ever Alley Cat Race for Scooters ...And it's for Cancer awareness? Win, Win.

The Do Good Crew out of Brooklyn are going to be holding a race for cancer awareness, it will be called the, "Let's Fuck Cancer Spring Alley Cat" Taking part in the race will be Cyclists, Skateboarders, and that's right, Scooter Riders. Each will have their own courses. All proceeds will be donated to the Let's Fuck Cancer Society out of Vancouver, BC. The race takes place on May 3rd, in Brooklyn, and if you can get out there you should definitely take part. Not only will it be fun as hell, and a first in our sport, but it's for a damn good cause.

For more information head over to their Facebook and give it a like

I am also looking for companies that are willing to sponsor this event. If you are willing to help out with the event and be a part of something bigger than just our sport.. please shoot me an email

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