Monday, February 4, 2013

Jon Reyes Learning Flair Whips

Jon Reyes isn't exactly known for his flips or flairs, but they're there. He recently went to Black Diamond with Dan Barrett, and it looks like Colin Dasilva and Joe Armstrong. Dan wasn't riding due to an arm injury, so he was stuck on the camera. Jon makes it look pretty easy to learn flair whips haha.

During the end of the video, Joe explains how the skaters weren't letting any of the scooter riders hit the box, so naturally Jon being Jon started to sesh the box regardless. One thing I like about Jon is that he won't take shit or take being disrespected. So when a skater almost runs into him, despite Jon already being on the box, Jon takes it into his own hands. Supposedly it all ended well with a handshake...But that's besides the point. Was good to see a scooter rider actually stand up for themselves for once. Too many riders are afraid to actually do something about it when it comes to being disrespected. Props to my dude.


  1. I'm better then him I can triple Bri flip and tail whip so suck dick Phoenix, I love MGP and Ryan Williams and Vortex Scooters is better then Luck Scooters, the real reason I don't like Phoemix is because I hate Zig Short and his Metal music

  2. pickn a fight wit a smaller younger kid? not cool

    1. There wasn't a huge age difference. Also I have seen and experienced older skateboarders picking fights with smaller and younger kids which I personally think is pathetic.

  3. Knowing jon, personally he a guy you don't want to fuck with.

  4. Jean-Yves RandriambelsonFebruary 6, 2013 at 6:16 AM

    In France this situation would have never happen. Riders here hate on scooter riders but aren't THAT disrespectful ! Today's skateboard scene sucks anyway, they think they're the shit because of the history of the board culture but what these so called "skaters" need to remember is that they are just lucky since they came out of their mum's pussy in the 90's where skateboarding already had 20-30 years of history behind so they didn't make, invent, or create shit. They are just lucky !! WE, on the other hand MAKE the culture. I just hope none of the future generation of scooter riders will act like those dummies towards a new sport that will see the light in 30 years...

  5. Jean-Yves RandriambelsonFebruary 6, 2013 at 6:25 AM

    When I said France I actually meant Paris, because I don't know about the rest of our country. But it's def not the first time this kind of shit happens (probably the first time on film tho). I've experienced myself and seen many skatersand bikers shutting the hell up in those situations, they tend to forgot they can't talk and act the way they do with grown-ups who won't hesitate to stand up for themselves.


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