Monday, February 4, 2013

Scooter Hut Update #1

For those who don't know Scooter Hut is the number one shop out in Australia. The riders that work there are some of the best in the sport, guys like Taylor Smith, Jon Archer, Jackson Manzie, and Kevin Austin are just a few of the dudes you can expect to find working in the shops. We're going to start getting updates from them informing you guys on everything they have going on, below is the first one.

"Scooterhut Chatswood

Located right in the heart of Sydney, the Scooterhut Chatswood location has all of the current best products on the market, including Proto, Boxes, Apex, Envy, Root Industries and Sacrifice. Our member's receive nothing short of the lowest prices in Australia.

We've got some great end of holidays deals coming up, which are available in-store and online. This includes 30% off Elyts mid top and low top shoes and 30% off Addicts decks, reducing them to a very affordable $115.
In addition to this, if you spend over $100 in-store on online, you'll receive a FREE Scooterhut drawstring park bag, which is perfect for carrying all your gear when you're out riding.

So come in and get some new gear installed by our team of Pros, including Jon Archer, Kevin Austin and Jackson Manzie.

Scooterhut Chatswood, 781 Pacific Highway, Chatswood (02) 86685752"

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