Friday, November 16, 2012

Tilt Presents: Tyler Wheeland's Signature Nimbus Fork

Tyler's fork is out now and so is his video to promote it.  Both the fork and video turned out great, one of my favorite videos this year for sure.  To find out more I did a little interview with him, check it out:

Jordan Jasa:  So you're finally releasing your video and dropping a signature Tilt fork, how are you feeling about that?

Tyler Wheeland:  I'm so stoked man, I can't believe it.

What can you tell us about the fork?

It's basically a sleeker and cooler looking Legacy fork. Collin and I were talking about a fork for a while but I didn't think it would actually happen this quick.

Cool cool.  So you've been working on an HD video promo as well, can you tell us about that?

My homie Dojo moved to LA and we would hang out a lot then one day I just asked if he was down to film a short video and then we had no use for he footage so we kept stacking until we had some use for it and it lined up perfectly with the fork idea so we got it done. The set up is great we have generators and lights so it's a bunch of night footage.

I've seen a few of your clips being filmed and it's definitely super legit.  This will be one of the first HD street videos done "right" (in my opinion).  What are your thoughts on filming HD vs SD?  Any preference over the other?

I'm cool with whatever as long as its filmed well. I'm filming SD for the Tilt DVD right now and it's going pretty well. I hate handheld dslr and I think HD is hardly ever done right. When it's done right it looks cool though.

For sure.  Speaking of that, whats up with the DVD?  Any planned release date?

I've got no idea. Tentatively fall 2013 is what I heard. We have a trip coming up with the whole team that's gonna be good.

Word.  So your fork is named the Nimbus and your name is written on it in the Harry Potter font, so I should probably ask you a HP related question.  Which of the 7 is your favorite book, and why?

Everything always comes back to this. Book wise number 5 Order of the Phoenix is my favorite because the students take over and kill it so hard.

Good answer.  Well I think that about wraps it up unless there's anything else you wanna say?

Support the real and get dirty in the streets. Take to many pictures and make great memories.

Awesome.  Thanks Tyler, and congrats on the fork.


  1. i wish more videos were like this.... so good

  2. this guy seems like nothing but a try hard.

  3. tucking in your t shirt......... no offense to him, but he's overrated, and only seen by some as "cool" cause he does everything to stay a part of his little group of street rider friends.

    1. Tucking in your shirt is rad. Stay classy Teewhee. We don't all have to look like skate rats all the time. I could say the same ignorant things about dudes that rock shoestring belts.

    2. and hes sponsored and he has a sig fork and its already selling well so that isnt totally true. i dont really see anybody else trying this hard to make a edit look this good. nobody can deny even if you dont like the hd or the war shit it was a well filmed and put together edit. more people need to try this hard to make a good video.

  4. To the kids above me, he's getting a signature fork and getting paid to do what he loves. He didn't get to where he is today by sitting on a blog and hating on other riders and neither did I, you're just another scooter kid if that's what you're going to do, go out and ride for christ's sake

  5. I didn't get the war pictures.. bit fucked.
    Riding was insane though, LOVED that wallride 3 out

  6. this is an awesome edit but i expected more from him for some reason.

  7. Real street riding. no briflips down sets. real good.


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