Friday, February 10, 2012

Tilt Scooters Presents: Josh Young + Interview

Here it is.  Joshua Casey Young has been working on this edit since November 2010.  After criss-crossing the Midwest multiple times, and even venturing out to California,   Josh finally had enough clips filmed to release this.  Josh has been known as one of the best tech street riders for years now, and this video only solidifies that position.  He worked super hard on this edit and I'm stoked to call him my friend.  I asked him a few questions about the edit, and Tilt.

Jordan Jasa:  So you finally got your edit out, after more than a year working on it. How does it feel?

Josh Young:  Feels so crazy man, like this has been my life the past year. Like every weekend was just, where am I going, what spots am I going to hit. Every single weekend, it was either traveling around Michigan or going on a trip to Chicago or Columubs to get clips. Like I'm not kidding I bet I put 20,000 miles on my car just from traveling so much. But yeah it feels kinda good now that I'm starting over. I'm going to film something good for my blog, LIT so that should be done at the end of spring. Then prob a LIT montage with all the homies.

Gettin buck in the Kasson household.

What's your favorite part about traveling and filming?

Just going to different cities and riding right downtown. Its so crazy pushing around downtown Chicago, LA, S.F any huge cities. Its super rad, not that many people get to travel all over like that. Traveling is the best, It seems like I'm always the one going to peoples house's for trips, but i guess its just becuase everybody thinks Michigan is whack or somethin haha. Best part about filming is busting out the old VX1000 and getting shit done right.

You've been involved with Tilt pretty  much since the beginning. Can you explain how you got started with it?

My buddy Adonnis told me about Collin and how he wanted to start a company and I thought it was some whack kid having his dad make bars or something, but Collin called me and that was I'm guessing almost 3 years ago now. Collin has always rode, and was down for making dope ass parts so I helped him out as much as I could and got on Tilt and helped him put some of the raddest dudes in the street game on the team. I've been on from the beginning so its crazy to see how huge it is now. Its really sick.

How is it being on the team now?

Its good, like always we have the most high quality parts becuase Tilt actually makes the parts in the shop, so you know its going to be perfect if its getting sold to stores. No slacking. I'm always proud to tell people about Tilt and rep there parts. The team is so stacked now, I'm really hyped on all the dudes that are on. Just pretty much a whole street team. Plus I'm pretty close with everybody on the team.

Wallslap in Chicago.  Photo by Dylan Kasson.

What do you think the next year will bring for yourself and Tilt?

Trying to go on more team filming trips, get more photos for ads and shit. Hopefully gettin some fresh parts out. We got some sick SCS's coming out next month. Everybody who has seen them is super hyped on them. So watch out for those when they drop!!

That'll be good for now, if you wanna add anything go for it. Thanks brooo

Just wanna give a shoutout to Collin for always hooking me up, Tommy D for always hooking me up when I need it and giving me a place to stay whenever I go to Chicago, Dylan Kasson for showing me some of the best spots ever and giving me a place to stay when I'm in Ohio, All of my filmers, Jordan, Twhee, Stefan, The Lucky homies, the LIT crew, and anybody who has ever been hyped on what I'm doing!!


  1. Seriously excited about this whole edit. Looks like Tilt is doing big things this year. First Tyler Wheeland's edit, and now this.

  2. Nice "Blue Bag Only" .... what a shredder!!!

  3. hell yeah, Josh! that edit was soooo sick, steezy-ass riding for sure. and the ender was just nuts

  4. The editing, the music, just everything was so perfect...


  6. Easily one of my favorite riders and definitely the chillest guy I know. Keep bustin' at 'em Josh <3 -Stefan

  7. josh young aka young money!

  8. ive been waiting to see that blue bag clip for sooo long!

  9. met josh when i came to america, was hella chill, so stoked for him to finally release this .. killed it 'cunt' !

  10. So sick, no one else does combos like that on the street. I could tell a lot of time was put into this, props man.

  11. Every single clip in that was a banger clip in my mind, fantastic.


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