Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Justin Robertson Joins The Scooter Zone Family

Justin Robertson has come a long way from the rider we first saw a few years ago.
Basically, one day Justin just decided he was going to turn into a street destroyer, so he did. Justin has always struggled when it came down to finding sponsors that he could fit in with. MGP didn't work out, and that left Justin sponsorless. When he reached out to Scooter Zone, it was basically a done deal. Someone with as much talent as Justin, and someone who continues to progress like he does, is valuable to any company.

Inside-Scooters would like to congratulate Justin on becoming a part of Scooter Zone!

Check out his Welcome edit below. Which is just jam packed of ridic.

You guys can meet Justin when SD6 rolls around in January. He will be at the contest along with all of the other SZ Team riders.


  1. <3 <3
    That's 2 hearts which means I care moaaaarrrrr. Darger is a n00b.

  2. all others, does that mean the oz team haha!

  3. Alexander EspinozaOctober 27, 2011 at 1:12 PM


  4. he's a fucking beast at gaps and big stuff, the last two clips were insane.

  5. the nose manual to 360 going down that bank was about as clean as they come.


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