Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Beach Comp Updated Flyer

New flier for long beach comp. On November 5th my team GoRide scooters and [WTF?Scooters] will be hosting a competition at long beach, long island,sponsored by elyts and 841. Everyone attending will meet up at long beach train station at
11:30am. From there we will ride to long beach skate park were the comp will begin. There will be three divisions beginner, intermediate and advanced. Part one will give each division 15 minutes to jam at long beach skatepark and the judges will pick the top riders from each division. after round one there will be a short intermission. After we will meet up again and ride to the lido 9 stair were we will have a jam where everyone gives in five bucks to enter and whoever lands the best trick wins all the money. Next we will ride to Nickerson skatepark and continue the competition with round 2. This round will also be timed group runs, the judges will narrow it down to the final 5 in each division. The final round will be 3 min individual runs and will determine the winners. Then we will hand the awards out to the prize winners of each division and end the competition. Hopefully you and your teams will come support this promising event, looking forward to seeing you there.


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