Saturday, September 17, 2011

Streets are Callin- Matt Rittler and Texas Summer 2011 Videos

The following two videos are street/street style videos filmed over the past summer.  The first was one I personally put together for Milwaukee area rider Matthew Rittler.  He claims to be the king of trends, but in reality is the farthest thing from it.  I always thought it was trendy to learn tricks without style and cleanliness before moving on to the next trick, but that's clearly not what Matt does.  He has a simple trick list and does them super clean and consistent.

Then we have a video from the Bonanza crew of Texans Theo Kotyk, Kyle Miller, and Chris Dant.  If you heard anything about Texas this summer it was probably about it being 100+ degrees like everyday, so getting a chance to ride in nice weather was few and far between.  Despite that they managed to get some cool footage, rail slayers for sure. Bummer about the song jack though.


  1. I'm sorry to all the peeps for the song Jack, I honestly had no idea it was a McKeen original. Anyways thanks for the post, jordan, look out for big things coming from bonanza this winter.

    -chris dant

  2. Hey if it was unintentional, dont worry about it:p
    and it was a great video, both of them
    And Matt I still havent figured out where to buy the software for the JVC u sold me hahahahaha


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