Friday, September 9, 2011

Envy Scooters: King of the Bowl Contest

Envy Scooters out in Australia, formerly known as Blunt Pro Scooters, is going to be holding a Bowl Contest called King of the Bowl. This is something we haven't seen in our sport very much, so I'm pretty excited to see the turn out.

While most details can be found on the flyer below, here is some info for you guys. The contest will be held on the 30th of September, and the 1st of October. Classes included in the contest will be both Am and Pro divisions. If you enter the Pro division, you can look forward to a purse of 2,000 dollars, and 8th through 1st will be paid. As for the Am division they will be getting prizes back to 8th place. Envy is inviting anyone who thinks they can take the crown, and become the first King of the Bowl.

If you want to register for the contest you gotta head to and fill out the entry form. You can get there by clicking the link below.

Register Here!!
Register Here!!
Register Here!!

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