Friday, September 9, 2011

Ozziez Blunt Updates and Webstore Sale

Ozziez is accepting Pre Orders for the highly anticipated Blunt Completes. You got two options when it comes to pre ordering your Blunt Complete. One of them is to pay the 299.00 in full, and you will get your Blunt Complete with free shipping. Or you can pay a 99 dollar deposit, and pay the additional 200 dollars when the completes arrive at Ozziez. They are expected to ship September 19-23.

They include 22 x 18 Stripper bars
Envy Deck
IHC fork
Metalcore wheels
ABEC 9 bearings
The new blunt flex brake
3 Bolt Blunt clamp
and a sealed bearing headset
and come completely dialed

Also in stock are the Envy decks by themselves, which you can get for 98.00+ free shipping.

Ozziez also just recently re launched the webstore, so take full advantage of the grand opening discount they are having right now. All you have to do to get 10% off ALL product, is use the promo code "10%SEPT"...This will only be in effect THIS WEEKEND!

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