Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Riders on the Come up: Denis "Deezy" Nikolajev, Bobby Pantano, Dom Marconi

Three riders that have shown some real improvement this year. All the videos are worth the watch, and they got me wanting to see their next edits. While all of them have stuff they can improve on, with the progression they've been showing lately, I'm confident they will be improving on their faults in future edits. Check the edits out below.


  1. check out this edit this kid is deffinately on the come up.

    Steven check this out

  2. Bobby Pantano is sick because he rides for Bamboozle Skateshop and went to Ohio Dreams!

  3. Dom's video was definitely my favorite. I would love to see more video's like his.

  4. doms is the best by far but other ones were nice


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