Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Scoot Nation" a UK Magazine On The Horizon

There are only a few key things seperating our sport from other mainstream action sports, one of those is that we have a serious lack of print magazines. The whole point of a print magazine is simply to give the community something they can actually hold in their hands. Well the wait is almost over for The UK.

Soon they will all have their hands on a brand new magazine featuring top UK riders, News, and Photos. For more information read the press release below, and get details to a contest they are having.

Scoot Nation is the UK’s first freestyle scooter magazine that is completely FREE! The first issue is due for release on the 17th August and will be available from all hardcore scooter stores and skateparks.

The 140 page issue includes a guest US profile from one of the best riders around, UK pro rider profiles, How To trick guides, NASS & Razor Tour reports, UK scene coverage, hardware guides including customising, new products and maintenance, behind the scenes industry interviews, product reviews, skatepark guides, a reader pictures section and so much more!

Main features:

• US INVASION: Ryan Upchurch Profile
• NASS and Razor Tour Reports
• London Takeover: Some of the sickest UK riders shred the capital
• How To Trick Guides
• And much more!

PEGGED Competition

Want a free £300 scooter? PEGGED is your chance to get your picture in a magazine that the whole country will see! The best ten photos submitted by Thursday 28th July will make it into the mag! Even better, the best photo of the lot will win a brand new and exclusive complete scooter from French ID! Send all submissions as high res images to For more info like us on facebook at check out .

Big thanks to DOGG SCOOTERS and FRENCH ID for sponsoring the comp and providing the prize! Get submitting now!


  1. why is ryan upcherch in a UK scooter mag... he lives in the US

  2. get his ugly ass off the ads, someone needs to stop riding his dick.

    Tom K and Kelly Z

  3. He was visiting the UK. That's why he's featured and has a full profile!

  4. The second two comments on this page are mint.

  5. whats up dudes that is like totally rad d u want to do maths with me lots of laughter!!!

  6. like i have a phinoex

  7. where can i buy the magazine from

  8. dude this is the best magizine ever cummon mgp

  9. where can you buy theese ??? :D

  10. When's next issue out

  11. where do u get them from


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