Monday, July 20, 2009

ISB's First Giveaway!

Inside Scooters Blog is holding our first ever product giveaway. The product will be given away as a prize to whomever wins the accompanying contest. Before I tell you what this first contest is, take a look at whats at stake-

A Dominator HD Threaded Fork!

Super thick.

Also includes a sweet DSA sticker.

Now, the first contest is going to be very simple. Basically it's "Convince Me to Send You This Fork." Through videos, photos, stories, etc., give me reasons why you think YOU deserve this fork, and if I feel you are most deserving...I'll send it your way.

How to enter: Send an email to with everything you got. I'll also accept PM's over SR but the PM system kinda sucks soo I might not see it, email is the best way. Looking forward to seeing your entries, good luck!

DEADLINE: JULY 31th, 2009


  1. lol @ july 31th

  2. i want that fork!!!!

  3. Wow matt, how did i do that hahaha.

  4. I want this fork so bad!

  5. dude, i want it. and you said i fail at life (like 3 months ago, i dont know how i remember but it was for answering some kids really hard math question; tommy napolitain said i win at life and you said i couldnt win). you should send it to me.

    - joe riley

  6. hey jordan you should hook me up with the fork if i dont get the dsa sponsor cuse i can't aford nothin at this point so it would be awsome if you sent it to me!!!! olivia!!!


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