Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News From Inward

-Razor Pro Model decks are back in stock! They were sold out very quickly last time so make sure you get yours fast. However, with Pro Mod decks being weaker than they used to be, Inward Highly recommends buying the DSA Deck Saver as well. You can buy both deck and deck saver in combo to save a few dollars here.

-Razor Headtubes are also now available, with the option of having an 8 shaped hole in the front, as well as the option to be powdercoated 1 of 12 colors.

-Razor Brakes are available now in 12 powdercoated colors.

-Finally, TSI decks are coming soon to Inward. There's already a few in stock and JP is waiting for some more to make them available. Do I even need to tell you they'll have the option to be powdercoated?

JP will also be coming to the Xtreme Wheels competition in Buffalo as well as the Brooklyn Banks Jam in July. A few Inward Flow Team members should be going to those events as well.

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