Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dmazz Inward Sponsor Video + Thoughts on Switch Riding

Inward Scooters Sponsor Video from Dalton mazzante on Vimeo.

So this video itself is pretty good, but that's not the reason I'm posting it. I'm posting it because it had a few switch clips and that spawned a bit of a...debate over switch, among other things. Here are my thoughts:

Switch is obviously not as noticeable, nor difficult as it is on a skateboard, where it is much more prevalent. I'd like to think switch in skating is comparable to opposite in scooter riding. Some people compared switch scooter riding to riding bmx opposite footed; nobody's going to notice unless they know your riding very well. While this may be true, I feel switch can be worth learning, if you apply it correctly.

Look at Matt Ogle's Sponsor Video 4. He puts in a few switch clips, including back and front board like a 10 stair rail, and a small board on a rail in a line. I know I didn't see those clips when I first watched that video. But when you the video a second time (and in Matt's case, you almost always have to watch at least another 2 or 3 times to catch everything he does) you see it and it's like, "Wow, he did NOT just do that..", making the video that much better.

Then you have McKeen. He does switch feeble triple heelwhip sexchange out. Now, does this count as switch? Some say it wouldn't, because of the sexchange. To me, its obviously not as good as if it was a straight switch triple heel land switch. But still, its not just a normal feeble to triple (which is ridiculous no matter how you do it), it gives a creative edge to it. I'd rather see switch double heel sexchange down a set than a regular stance doublewhip. Not many people do that kinda thing, it's not exactly the most flashy trick but the people who do notice it, appreciate it.

How to do switch wrong...putting a switch barspin in a video would just be pretty boring. Doing stuff like switch 180 fakie half cab whip out on a pad would be interesting. Switch manuals, nose manuals, spins, are all things I'd like to see in a video. I haven't done too much switch recently myself but its something I'd like to start up on again.

And thats all I have to say about that.

(Note: If you actually read this whole thing, and enjoyed/weren't bored to death while reading it, please post a comment saying so. I'd like to know if you guys like me doing blog posts like this, or if I should stop wasting time on stuff nobody will read. Thanks.)


  1. wow i made it on Inside Scooter Blog haha =P and yeah i agree with how its not the most flashy thing in the market but its better too see then just normal dub whips

  2. damn that was nice, i liked how it was all street :D

  3. hell yes switch should be more common in scootering, try 360 whipping a gap then doing it switch, it hard as hell :/

    oh and good vid dmazz =P

  4. That's funny, you said you'd like to see switch manuals and switch spins in a video. Check out my "exclusive scooter video" and "leftover RVM4 footage"

    Leftover RVM4:
    1:52 - switch barspin manual switch barspin out

    Exclusive scooter video:
    1:02 - Switch manual
    1:18 - Switch manual switch heelwhip out
    2:23 - Run: Switch heelwhip and switch barspin
    2:44 - Switch BS 360
    4:46 - Switch manual switch barspin out

    I try to stay away from the body varial in switch whip tricks. But that's just because it is a lot more difficult. Your body just naturally wants to spin back to normal, so training yourself to keep them turned is the hardest part of the trick.

  5. Jordan,you're not wasting your rime writing(typing)all that Blogness.I Enjoy it and I hope others do too.I have a suggestion,you should watch the Video you're posting in the Blog then type up what think about if you want to take it to th next level. I thank you for just creating this website and posting Valuble information about new products,Interviews with our(the readers)favorite Riders.

  6. michael martinezJune 12, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    haha ima do switch mannys to whip:)

  7. go ride some flatground

  8. Yeah Josh, I know you like doing switch stuff. I def like that, as well as your nollie tricks.

    Thanks fore the comments guys.

  9. seriously i just started practicing switch. so fun

  10. finally its out there! i mean i go and do park and stuff a lot, but during school days i cant go anywhere and i just ride flat and street, and everyone complains when i play them at scoot flat and call me gay for knowing how to switch dub whips and switch heelwhips and other switch stuff. same goes when i do switch in park. switch tricks are wayy amazing. soon i want to be able to do all my normal tricks in switch:)

  11. does doing a trick thats switch opposite cool? or would i even bother with the switch and just do opposite? any opinions on this?


  12. This was a great idea
    especially because their isnt a great deal of switch riding in Australia. I mean im not a great rider but i ride because i love it
    I love the fact that this blog has everything
    Thank you Jordan

  13. I love switch tricks. Heelpwhips were the natural way I learned how to whip(and of course I had to do the body varial, sexchange, whatever thing i there too). But its helped me learn switch stuff like I can doublewhip flat regular, heelwhip, and goofy so I think its creative and DOES make it more fun to not just ride but watch also. If you watch skate videos and things like that you can't usually tell somebody's switch, its knowing that rider and just being able to tell I guess. But I've always hoped more people(at least the tech/flat guys <3 would be doing more switch stuff). I got whip catch TO sexchanges flat a long time ago and.. its soo fun! to do in like a line? And nobody does that.. So lets be honest, how much more WOULD you respect somebody that could switch two-footed nose manual a little pad. I'd rather see that then a flipwhip on a boxjump..(and just my opinion I realize). But how much would you respect somebody for being able to do that?? It just opens up a whole new aspect for the people that enjoy being creative and have fun. I guess this has been like a novel now so sorry, but thanks for writing this heh = ) its good to hear other people are trying that too!


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