Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fuel TV Interview

IS Aussie Correspondent Aaron Bransdon got the opportunity to ask a Fuel TV filmer a few questions yesterday at the "Jamo Jam" in Penrith.

Name: Toby.

Occupation: Fuel Cinematographer.

How did you hear about Penrith’s “Jamo Jam”?

We heard about Jamo Jam through the skaterHQ website. And we also heard that SkaterHQ has a pro team for scooters, so we thought we’d check it out to see how scooters have progressed.

What caught fuel’s eye in the world of scooters at the present time?

The fact that this sport has grown by itself off the back of skateboarding and BMX. There’s a story to be told about people pushing the boundaries.

Will the footage captured be broadcast on Fuel TV?

Yeah. We are doing a story of comparison between scooters and skateboarding from the 70s.

What is the general opinion of scooters/riders in the Fuel camp?

I’m not too sure on that, as I can only speak for myself. From what I’ve seen today it has come along way. I’d love to see scooters on vert going huge.


  1. Whoa thanks for this Aaron. This is really good stuff.

  2. yea man pretty awesome

  3. Il go huge on vert for you :)

  4. scootering is the best.....its my life...and im pretty good to

  5. when does that story come on the air?

  6. scooters are doing great.a lot of people just misunderstand scooter riders and say were gay but scooters are growing feaster than any action sport.i can see scooters in the x games or dew tour not 2 far from now.:)

  7. you can make my dick go vert?


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