Monday, November 13, 2017


Brought to you by Volare and Sky High, potassium is a full length film by Dakota Knight. Featuring a slew of riders from Minnesota as well as others from around the Midwest, potassium might just be one of the best independent films of the year. Dakota's filming and editing style is one of the more unique styles out there today. The riding is also varied and enjoyable throughout. With a bunch of names, some recognizable and some not, it's always a treat to see what these guys are gonna throw down.

Featuring: Benny Christensen, Jacody Besl, Liam Green, Cole Larson, Max Lemonds, Maxwell Reinbold, Dakota Knight, Sean OGrady, Noah Rogney, Erik Olsen, Jamin Larson, Jackson Harrington, Andrew Steinke, Landon Dallmann. 

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