Thursday, August 10, 2017

PROTO En Mexico

The whole Proto squad- Matt McKeen, Chema Cardenas, Alex Steadman, Andrew Broussard, Jake Sorensen, Parrish Isaacs, David Coe, and Kirk Svensson got together earlier this summer to ride down in Mexico around Chema's local spots. With the team finally all in one place for a video (has that ever happened before?) you can be sure that the results are not gonna disappoint. Highlights for me were definitely Chema's nothing, Parrish's front board fakie crook, and Alex's wallride into taco retrieval. But seriously, this video was awesome, well done boys!


  1. just shut this site down guys, its over. seriously.

  2. "I fuckin hate all these people" that dude is rude and obnoxious. Fuck him.
    Parrish with the combos, outstanding.


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