Thursday, August 31, 2017


Chicago. A city of diversity, a global leader in both business and the arts, a metropolitan oasis smack dab in the otherwise void croplands of the Midwest. Chicago provides many opportunities to those who gather there- education, entertainment, dining, employment. But for those among us searching for the perfect rail, a fresh feeble, the next puzzle to unlock using the act of manually balancing on one wheel as the key, Chicago is the ultimate urban playground.

Richard Harck, hailing just a stone's throw away from the city, has documented over the past year those whom make the pilgrimage to the Windy City. Culminating in this 20 minute montage, Richard has filmed those both coming from near and far, riders known and unknown, to show the world what scootering in Chicago is really like. Locals like Chis Doyle, Sugar Shane the Rapper, Justin Lacosse, and visitors like Issac Miller and Ian Herncjar, with numerous others can be seen here putting their mark on the city, their interpretation of what the streets hold smartly caught through the lens of a Panasonic DVX100, recorded to a miniature digital video tape, captured, edited, and uploaded to for your viewing pleasure. Richard's own vision shines bright throughout- his filming techniques and concepts for clips are not easy to miss. It's not often a filmer puts much thought into what he is producing, but when they do, you can tell.

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  1. so bad filming, should not do so much with it and film further away in my opinion


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