Monday, November 16, 2015

Inside Welcomes Spencer Steed

I’m psyched to announce that Spencer Steed will now be joining me as a part of the Inside team.  Spencer has a long history in this sport, from riding to working in the industry.  Originally from Ohio, he moved out to California after high school and ended up working at ScooterZone for a number of months.  He moved back to the Midwest after Tilt was in need of a sales guy.  He left Tilt in January this year and now runs a distribution company called Forefront Supply.  He works extremely hard behind the scenes to do things right and have a positive impact on scootering.  Not only that but he’s been my friend for longer than I can remember so I’m excited to have him with me now!  I did a quick bio with him, check it out below:

Whip front scooterflip at 2013 Chi Jam.
Age: 22

Location: North Chicago, IL

Employment: Forefront Supply

Years Riding: 11 years, although you may not be able to tell.

Tilt Grips
Downside Strewth Bars
Tilt SCS Lt
Tilt J-Young Headset (thank you Kyle Miller)
TSI Threshold
Tilt Blaster Wheels
Tilt Bearings
Hella Grip

Favorite rider(s): Aaron Watson and David Veltum. Even though they both aren't active, there is nothing like watching those guys shred on a good day.

Favorite part about the industry: Probably just the fact that it is growing. I think more people need to appreciate that simple fact. It is really cool to be able to watch everything unfold the way it has, even if it isn't perfect.

Least favorite part about the industry: Riders with narrow minded or uninformed opinions that preach like they actually have any idea about what is good or bad for the sport.

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