Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tilt 2 - Tom Kvilhaug B Sides

TomK is an absolutely dedicated madman.  As a person, he has an extremely calculated, precise, no bullshit approach to everything he does.  This translates to his scootering in a way not often seen.  He doesn't recklessly throw himself down a rail, but rather goes at it knowing what he needs to do to land it.  He considers the variables, figures out the best option, and goes for it.  However, with the kind of stuff he does, the margin for error is so small that he can't help but eating it.  That's because TomK doesn't take the easy way out, he does things right or he doesn't do them at all.  Class act, and one of the best dudes to touch a scooter.  Enjoy this insanity. Get hyped for his part, dropping with the full Tilt 2 video soon.

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