Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KOVU KREW - Christian Upton - 13 Years Old

It's not so much impressive when younger kids can do crazy tricks, but it is crazy when they can do those tricks with a mature style- as in, with speed and cleanliness.  Christian Upton is another Kovu kid who kills it.  Goes fast, rides spots in way that challenges his own skill and ability, and isn't afraid to hit the bigger stuff.  My only issue is that all these Kovu kids ride the same.  How many times have we seen these dudes do fullwhips/rotorwhips?  I suppose as they get older, they'll branch into their own styles.  And I shouldn't complain, all the Kovu videos are definitely fun to watch!  Wezma does a create job filming and editing these.  Always looking forward to the next one.

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