Saturday, February 28, 2015


Kenny Griffin has been a young buck on the come up for a minute now. Getting his start with Lucky, he moved onto a pro spot on Anaquda and has been progressing with no signs of stopping.  His newest video, "Living in Standard," is his best effort yet and has been revered by many riders since it dropped yesterday.  OG Brian Boston said it well when he remarked "Looks like he has so much more potential too."  I hit up KG to get some more details behind the video and what it takes to have a cool miata.

Jordan Jasa:  How long did you spend filming?

Kenny Griffin:  I spent about 7 months filming.

Damn haha shorter than I expected. What made you decide to go SD instead of HD?

I just wanted to change it up Ive never filmed anything in standard and I like the feel/vibe and then once we filmed a few clips in standard we just decided we were going to do the whole thing like that.
Also 7 months is the longest I've really filmed for a part before so to me it felt like a really long time.

Boardslide fingerwhip.  Photo- Zack Martin

Yeah for sure, you can definitely tell you took some time on it. What cameras did you guys use then?
We used a vx1000 s/o kushfart  and then Damion used his HVX but you can put it into standard definition mode and it works pretty much just like a Vx.
Word. Which trick took you the longest? Or what was most satisfying to land?
Honestly the front Board fakie to frontside cab front Board whip on the white rails took sooo long and I was getting kicked out for the last attempts and had been trying it for legit 2 hours then just landed it perfect that felt pretty good to roll away from
Dealing with getting kicked out on top of trying to land the trick is definitely super stressful, must have felt nice. Were most of the spots local to you or did you travel anywhere?
There was a good amount of local spots but we traveled a lot. We went to SF then some places a few hours a way that we had spots planned out to go too. Also I went to San deigo and got some clips.
Miata clips were cool too, tell us about that thing.
Haha well I've always kinda been into cars then recently I bought that miata and I love it and am always sliding it or just clutch kicking. Then after riding a spot at this school Damion told me to bang a few donuts then disappear down the hill, so I did and it ended turning out to be a really cool intro everyone seems pretty stoked on it ha, but my miata will be slammed soon s/o to jared and his miata.

3 downside.  Photo:  Kong

Hard top is necessary if you wanna be cool.
Hahha yeah but droptopboyz.
But seriously, how much did hairdressing school cost?
Really though good job on the video, you and Damion killed it.
Thank you I appreciate it, didn't really think people would back it this hard I'm stoked.

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  1. standard def video filmed on a HD camera......... LOL


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