Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Tilt Arc Clamps at Gryndo

The all-new Tilt Arc clamps are finally available at Gryndo Scooters! These long-awaited clamps are a new spin on the classic and popular Tilt Double, SCS, and LT pro scooter clamps.
Each Arc clamp is crafted from 6061 heat-treated aluminum, and is profile machined for a superior design that perfectly balances weight and strength. Tilt Arc clamps feature custom bolts and 50% larger threads for an extra dose of clamping power. These clamps are incredibly reliable, and won't let you down in the middle of a shred session. Your scooter will stay dialed and your compression will stay tight, no matter what gets thrown at you. Finally, every Tilt Arc clamp bolt comes pre-applied with anti-seize – yet another layer of protection to ensure the incredible performance that you need.
The Tilt Arc clamp comes in six colors and is available in three versions – the Tilt ARC Double clamp (for oversized bars only), the Arc SCS clamp (with SCS compression and a shim for standard and oversized bars), and the Arc SCS LT clamp (with SCS compression for standard sized bars only). Pick one up today and you'll see why riders the world over have made Tilt their clamp of choice.
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