Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crisp Woodward East Promo 2014

Crisp sure has turned it around haven't they? At one time they were overlooked by most riders, but it's hard to ignore a company that has a Team that is this talented. This video starts off with Jake Hershey informing everyone about Woodward East now allowing scooter riders full time, which we can all thank Kimberly Funk for. It's amazing that Woodward acknowledges scooters to this extent now.

After that, it gets straight into the riding, and there's a lot of it. Devin Pelphrey, Jon Devrind, Lewis Williams, and Josh Toy. I sat there watching Jon Dev kill it, and was like, "Ooh so this is what happens when you take Jon Dev and stick him at Woodward" Dude killed it so hard. And I think I can honestly sit and watch Lewis all day. Devin went hard as always, and I think it will take me some time getting used to Josh on Crisp, but he was hanging with the dudes no problem. Good promo for sure.

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