Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Serjey Noga Welcome to TSI

Serjey is definitely back and killing it. I first met him back in Washington, when he was like 4 feet tall, and just a little dude, and he already had skill. He's riding for TSI now, and looks like the deck is a perfect fit for him, cause he shreds hard in this edit. My kind of park edit for sure.


  1. Hes a great rider but if this was some australian that nobody knew, he would be getting flamed for using an overused song and filming flyout and terrible editing. People say this edit is good just because he is an "OG".
    Don't get me wrong he has skill and flow and it makes sense for tsi just this edit could have been alot better.

  2. Damn you grew up so much since the last video i saw... but you're still crazy! dialed 1080s


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