Thursday, February 21, 2013

HSHB Raw Footage: George Justiniano

George has been one of the best low key riders for a while now. He's one of those guys that is more focused on getting out and riding, than building his name online. A strange concept to most, I'm sure. These are his raw clips that he got while filming for Hella Stoked and Hella Broke. Check em.

HG_HSHB_George_Justiniano_RAW from Hella Grip on Vimeo.


  1. does that guy at 4:24 have some type of mental problem? he always acts like he's semi-retarded. lol

    1. Not at all. He's just a super happy guy, very energetic. The Haag is one of the nicest homies you'll ever meet!

    2. Probably sitting at the top of my "Riders I want to hang out with" list. Easy.

    3. For sure, just a genuinely happy person. He's one of those few and far between type of personalities.


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