Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dan Barrett- "How We Ride"

These are some clips that Dan sent in for Hella Grip, featuring a lot of both park and street.  Super clean and super tech as always.  That bar lip 3 to manual combo was so unexpected.


  1. although this edit was a bit better than other dan barrett riding im going to go ahead and say this. Dan looks like hes trying to throw as many tricks into a ledge as possible, its stupid, it looks just like somebody going fast and throwing tricks on a quarter. At least Dan rolls away with speed most of the time.

    1. I understand this is your opinion but Dan is super original and Og as fuck, he made these trick out of thin air and rocks the fuck out of them with speed. I understand that some people dont like "ledge dancing" and I cant say its my favorite thing either but I do love the way Dan gets original with his tech on boxes and his trick variety. All im trying to say is Dan is original and for me fun to watch because you dont have a shit ton of people out their doing scooterfakie to fingerwhips in on quarters. I think to many people are trying to adopt a style of clean and simple which I do enjoy but is getting sorta old because i dont really see alot of these videos having a signature vibe or feel to them, they are just to similar sometimes. I love Dan because i only get the Dan vibe from Dan. haha i just made a rant. And Dan this edit was tight, like that nose manny to gap nose manny whip. Id love to see you learn nose manny to sexchange nose mannys or vice versa:D


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