Sunday, November 18, 2012

ISA Big Trick 2012 Sponsored by Fasen

This edit almost makes it look like the Big Trick portion of the ISA World Championships was more fun to watch than the actual competition runs. Everyone was so amped up, and I love watching Best Trick contests mainly because you get to see everyone really showing their support for one another. Not to mention seeing some world firsts get thrown down. Check it out below.

Shot and Edited by XSV Pro


  1. That was so gay!
    - Jonas Kjær

  2. Who the hell is Jonas Kjaer? What an gigantic A hole. Punks like you cutting down other scooter riders are what makes scootering suck. Go ride street and maybe you'll get run over.

    1. Eow ano,seriously this edit is wack as hell!
      Why? Ohhh! Dakota did frontflip rewind rewind, Ryan does better trick and then Dakota just thinks "Ohhh, i might just throw another whip in it, then it will be muuuuch better!", thats how we got the frontflip rewind rewind doublewhip thing after.
      Thats what makes scootering suck. Just adding an extra whip is not being creative, just flyout flyout flyout all the fucking time.
      - Jonas Kjær, again


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