Friday, April 27, 2012

Nantes, FR Freestyle Scooter Contest

Video from a huge comp in France recently.  All kinds of crazy tricks from everyone- guys like Kota and Alexis Letellier with huge air combos, and then street guys like Monky and Maxime killing the rails.  Good edit by Sebastian Prot.


  1. i don't even know some of the tricks dakota was doing? wtf

  2. ^^ dakota? fuck dakota. Monky backlipped up rail then whip-front board to fakie.

  3. dakotas riding is like from some kind of stupid videogame.
    monky shreds so hard! i had to play the clip with whip fs hurricane about 10 times!

  4. Quit hating on Dakota! He is an amazing rider who shreds insanely hard, not to say that Monky wasn't destroying it out there....


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