Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Montreux 2012.

Montreux Scooter Contest 2012 / French Toast from Pause Play on Vimeo.

Montreux has to be one of the craziest contests all year.  Riders from all across the world attend, not only for a normal comp but a minipipe contest as well.  The tricks these guys throw down in a comp run are amazing.  Maxime Legrand is a madman.


  1. maxime is beast, so funny just launching himself!

  2. Maxime was just showing MGP some love haha

  3. After going home from this contest you just feel empty inside because you've been doing so many awesome things. You don't go to Montreux to win a contest. You're going there to ride downhill in the night, smoke weed, and just chill and sesh 110%


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